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Event Management

  • Multiple types of events, such as game, non-game, and hosting activities, can be created and managed.

  • The Reel Media platform is integrated among schools which removes duplicative work among district competitors and others who share the Reel Media platform. 

  • Post your team’s final scores almost instantly to inform your fans and community your team’s results.

Digital Ticketing

  • Reel Media provides an easy-to-use ticket sales platform with a cloud-based box office that records all online and on-site ticket sales in one central dashboard.

  • Sell tickets through your organization page of the Reel Media app and download our Reel Gate app to scan your fans’ tickets when they arrive.

  • Fans will receive their ticket directly on their mobile device in the Reel Media app and have the option to share the ticket through email or other communication avenues.

  • Schools can sell digital season tickets and all-sports passes through the Reel Media app.

Venue Management

  • Avoid scheduling conflicts for each of your venues with the Reel Media venue management module and assign appropriate gate staff.

  • Venues are provided a specific QR code that can be scanned at the gate to easily buy tickets for the event scheduled in the venue at that time.

  • Assign specific ticket types for each of your venues which automatically populate when creating an event.