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Build your resume

  •  Our comprehensive student training enables students to obtain SID certification and boost their college resume
  • Become trained on SID programs to apply to a future occupation and open doors to opportunities at your students’ next level of education.
  • Learn how to create and share professional-looking athletics graphics for your school’s social media.
  • Improve student multitasking skills through the responsibility of managing multiple school events and venues.
  • Reel Media will provide Reel Talks to students to help educate them and provide valuable preparation to them for all aspects of life, including education and career. 
  • Provide students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in jouranlism by giving them the freedom to write teams news stories and releasing it on your Reel Media platform.

Be a Part of a Team

  • Assign students to your teams to help update rosters, release important team news, manage events, and much more to prove they are a valuable part of the team.
  • Trained students will be able to keep your teams and sports information up-to-date
  • Reel Media with the help of students and student-athletes will work together to encourage engagement, improve school pride, and streamline communication.