What We Do

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  • Use our Reel Maker app to generate AI Reels live for your student athletes, which are uploaded within minutes directly to our Reel Media app to grow athlete exposure and reduce time editing highlights.
  • AI Reels are tagged to your player profile ensuring parents or relatives never miss seeing their athlete’s best plays.
  • AI Reels enhance your student-athletes experience and exposure while hyping up your fans.

Student Development

  • We provide training and experience to your students to apply in their next stage of education. 
  • Student involvement results in less work for athletic directors and staff so they can focus on making an impact in other ways on their students’ lives.
  • Our student SID program encourages and provides experience to students who wish to major in sports journalism
  • We issue weekly courses to your students to help prepare them for life beyond high school.
  • Your students will enhance your athletic program by:
    • Writing and issuing press releases
    • Writing feature stories for publication
    • Staying on top of sports trends
    • Updating the athletic department’s website
    • Providing administrative help in the athletic department


  • Reel Media provides an easy-to-use ticket sales platform with a cloud-based box office that records all online and on-site ticket sales in one central dashboard.
  • Reel Media issues digital tickets at no cost to your school to make it easier for parents and the community to buy game tickets wherever they are directly from your Reel Media organization page.
  • Sell tickets through your organization page of the Reel Media app and download our Reel Gate app to scan your fans’ tickets when they arrive.
  • Fans will receive their ticket directly on their mobile device in the Reel Media app and have the option to share the ticket through email or other communication avenues.
  • Schools can sell digital season tickets and all-sports passes through the Reel Media app.

Event Management

  • Schools can create and manage multiple event types such as game, non-game, and hosting activities.
  • Schools can ensure each of their venues hosting events do not conflict with other events and have assigned gate staff.
  • Each venue is provided a specific QR code that can be scanned at the gate to easily buy tickets for the event scheduled in the venue at that time.
  • The Reel Media platform is integrated among schools which removes duplicative work among district competitors and others who share the Reel Media platform.
  • Post your team’s final scores almost instantly after they end in an ideal, presentable format for your social media platforms.

Media Guide

  • Easily upload your team rosters to the Reel Media administration site with a CSV file, which automatically populates into the Reel Media app and your website.
  • Promote your players through your team roster with names, images, and measurements to help introduce them to your community and promote them to college coaches.
  • Allow your student athletes to own and manage their own personal profile.
  • Upload important team news specific to your team that automatically is promoted through the Real Media app and your website.

Marketing Management

  • Create professional social media images and video through our easy-to-use online graphics generation engine to share professional-looking athletics graphics for your school’s social media – in seconds, on any device, and without needing design experience.
  • Share real-time scores immediately as the game ends to make sure parents and fans are staying up-to-date on your teams’ results.
  • Preschedule releases of your social media graphics using information already entered through your ReelMedia database so you can share your news with little effort and from anywhere, anytime.